50% Annual Rate Increases at Older Ages?

My mother, age 76 and in very good health, has been seeing 50% annual premium increases the past four years on a $50k MetLife policy she has had for fifteen years. I know rates increase with age, but, what used to be a few hundred bucks a year is now almost $3,000 !

This is a Group Universal Life policy, through my deceased father’s employer, that she kept after his passing in 2008. At the time, I encouraged her to not keep the policy, as she does not support any dependents.

The present cash value of the policy seems to only be about $1500. (!)

At this point, she has sunk nearly $10k of premium payments for this policy.

I’m posing three questions:

Will the rate continue to increase at an absurd rate, as a means to encourage her to drop the policy?

Or should she continue to pay the increasing premiums with the assumption that the cash value will increase, and that she’d be able to at least get out what she put in at some point?

Is there other things I should be considering / looking at in order to inform the decision on how to manage or drop this policy?

Thanks for educating me and for any suggestions.