Am I Required to Disclose Bloodwork at my GP?

Hi all – I am in the process of revisiting an application for LI after having been denied at the end of last year for a high CDT. Bad timing around the holidays, and I certainly had drank to the point where it can be elevated, but have never been diagnosed/seeked help/etc. for drinking. In fact haven't had a drink since early Jan… and all of my other liver markers are and have always been fine (not surprising given my history and pattern of drinking).

Aaaanyway, I wanted to just make sure that my CDT had regulated itself by this point and thought about asking my GP to have this work filled for me so that I can just check before the underwriter's exam comes through. That said, if I'm required to disclose this appointment and result of the bloodwork, then I know I'm better off just taking the test with the underwriter at the later date…

tl;dr – do I have to disclose doctor's appointments and bloodwork requests/results to underwriters that were done on my own?

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