American Income Life Insurance was a mistake

I need help with cancelling and how to go about it. On Monday May 20th i called American Income Life to cancel. The lady said it will take 72 hours for the cancellation form to be sent by email which I have now learned from other posts that's a bs excuse so they don't send it. It is now May 26th and I never received it. As of right now I made sure to send multiple emails especially after emailing customer service on Thursday about never receiving the form. I made sure to tell them if things don't get resolved I will be contacting a lawyer and escalating things further. If they are opened tomorrow on memorial day I will be contacting them and telling them over the phone not only do they need to send me the cancellation letter on the spot. I will also mention to them that phone call is recording, and that they need to stop the automatic withdrawals right then and there. I will also tell them that I will get a lawyer if i see any withdrawals from them moving forward. My mom told me worse case scenario I just open up a new bank account up with my current bank who can transfer over certain things and not them. That will be my last resort. Luckily the only things I have set up automatically with my bank besides AIL monthly withdrawals is direct deposit with my job and my two automatic credit card payments. Any other automatic payments I have are on credit cards. It feels like I have to become a Karen to even get them to do anything. Also contacting an agent is out of the question because you only ever hear from them at most twice before another agent is contacting you. I also learned that AIL is a huge scam and that overall their company is very crappy. I am willing to accept an almost 500 dollar lost just to get them out of my life.

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