Application denied due to outlier medical tests by insurance company (but normal blood work from primary care physician)

I’m healthy 34 year old male. I applied for a term life insurance policy with a major company and had a paramedical exam done. The test showed elevated liver enzymes. I’m not a big drinker so the results were surprising, but I had just gotten over a cold the week I had the test so I chalked it up to that. I asked them to retest me (they didn’t) and even went to my regular doctor and had the same blood work done again which came out totally normal.

I’m going to other companies now to try to get a term policy and I just get automatically denied because of the previous medical result. None of them even want to hear that my results are normal now and won’t even talk to my doctor. I’m thinking about if I am able to sue the first company? They are straight up preventing me from getting any kind of policy. I am not even sure their blood work was accurate. The numbers were wildly different than what my GP’s bloodwork showed. This has been outrageous – anyone have any advice?

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