Best life insurance company for someone with depression?

Hi! Thank you for reading.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for companies that still wrote them a policy despite them having a diagnosed history of depression.

Some specs about me if it helps:

34yo F otherwise healthy, but have a lifelong (diagnosed at 18) history of depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Recently applied for $400k policy with USAA where I have had car and rental insurance policies for the last 14 years, but ultimately was denied. I suppose I never called for the exact reason which I will do tomorrow. -No hospitalizations, on steady daily medication the last two years, in therapy as well, steady employment history. Have been in two car accidents in the last 3 years (both as the victim). Have a service/emotional support dog. In stable housing, looking forward to purchasing a home for myself this year (fingers triple crossed).

-USAA does cover suicide if the policy is active for over two years, however that is not ever an option for me. Not sure if it raised concerns after I asked about it (in the context of, oh I thought suicide was never covered in policies, and not directly inquiring about it).

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