Denied Coverage – First Time Applied – Abnormal CDT

Mea culpa – I had been drinking a bit more heavily than I should have prior to lab work, and I had no idea that this was even something that could come up or be tested. The drinking was ‘in control,’ and I never thought there was anything wrong… I just work from home and have the liberty of being able to roll out of bed to my desk. I have never been treated for alcoholism, never self diagnosed, and none of my other labs (AST, ALT, bilirubin, etc. – anything else that could indicate a liver issue) have ever been elevated – included in the same test.

That said, I’m not surprised the Abnormal (ie High) CDT reading was flag enough for the underwriter. I also know that this is something that will require disclosure if I am to apply elsewhere (I intend to in the coming months). What should I be aware of as I go through the process? Will I be able to gain coverage assuming my levels are fine at next reading? I’m just going to be sober until that time… like I said, I have absolutely no problem or control issues to do that – I just do (unfortunately) also like to have a few beers after work.