Doctors office wouldn’t send updated records to life insurance

My grandma asked me to help her get a bigger life insurance policy, and it has been a huge headache. The insurance company put everything on hold because they wanted confirmation that her blood was in good condition. The doctor mentioned in the report that her cbc levels were low and advised her to take iron pills and stop after a month. My grandma got another blood test, and the results were great, but the doctor said she wouldn’t send the update to the insurance company until another test two months later, even though her levels were fine (this is all the insurance wants confirmation on). The doctor also told her to stop taking the iron pills. But, when she went back two months later, her levels were a little low again, and the doctor asked her to take the iron pills again and return after a month. Doctor refuses to say she’s fine but needs more iron or anything. Is the only hold up on the policy. I’m confused because there was no mention of seeing a hematologist. I’m wondering if it’s illegal for the doctor not to send an update of her medical records right after the test if everything was fine two months ago. Now, the only recommendation is to take the iron pills again. I’m considering getting a lawyer involved since this has been going on for 11 months, with all the back and forth between the doctor and the insurance company. Any advice?

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