Evidence of Insurability – Medical Exam

I purchased a voluntary policy through my employer for $350k. The policy amount meant I needed to fill out an evidence of insurability. I did so and a few weeks later a third party company reached out letting me know I had to undergo a medical exam, and that it would include blood work.

I am not opposed to a medical examination, but here’s where I am uncomfortable. The only option given to me was to have a traveling nurse come to my home or office. Blood draws have been traumatic for me my entire life. I have small veins that are incredibly deep and it often times takes the nurse multiple attempts to find a vein. The last time I had a blood draw it took over 30 minutes to find a vein with an ultrasound. Sometimes I have panic attacks during blood draws because of how difficult they are. I am not confident in the ability of a traveling nurse with minimal equipment to be able to perform this task for me.

I called the life insurance company and asked if I had other options. I’m still willing to submit to whatever testing they want, but I’d like to do it in a clinic. I offered to pay out of pocket for whatever testing they wanted since they expressed the required blood work wouldn’t be covered by insurance. They said that wasn’t an option. I offered to travel to whatever clinic they were partnered with to do have the testing done. They also said this wasn’t an option. If I want coverage I have to do it with this traveling nurse company, period. No other option. I asked them what would happen if this nurse was unable to complete a blood draw (because that has happened to me). They didn’t have an answer.

I guess my question is this. Am I being unreasonable? Is it common for insurance companies to only have option? Is there some other avenue I haven’t thought of? Any advice or feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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