Fingerhut Life Insurance Reviews

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Do you remember getting Fingerhut catalogs in the mail? That’s how many people first discovered this company. Founded in 1948 by William and Manny Fingerhut, the company originally sold seat covers for cars. After an expansion in 1952, the company began to offer a wide range of household products via mail order. Today, you can shop via their catalog or their website. They also offer financing options for those who want to apply for a Fingerhut credit account.

If you apply for a Fingerhut credit account, you will be offered the option to add SafeLine Account Protection to your account. This benefit comes with an extra monthly charge; in return, if you are ever unable to make your payments, the company will waive or postpone those payments based on the severity of your circumstances. A disability or layoff will postpone payments for twelve months, for example. However, even though your outstanding balance will be waived if you pass away, this is not the same as having life insurance.

So instead of looking for coverage with companies that don’t offer it, why not use our website to get started? Life insurance is all we do – it’s our specialty, and as a result, we know the policies and insurers in today’s marketplace inside and out. If you’ve already been turned down for coverage or have a health issue that you think might cause you to be turned down, let us help! Call us at (800) 521-7873 and let’s get you the coverage you need to protect your loved ones from financial insecurity.

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