How Haven Life Plus makes estate planning less hard

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Estate planning is essentially about identifying your assets and deciding how you want them distributed upon your death. It also entails describing your wishes should you become disabled or mentally incompetent, and need someone to make decisions on your behalf.

In the past, you might need to consult directly with a qualified lawyer or tax advisor to set up your estate plan. While you can certainly still do that, eligible Haven Term policyholders enjoy easier, potentially more affordable options through the Haven Life Plus bonus rider.

What’s that? The Haven Life Plus bonus rider is a suite of low- and no-cost services, including many that can help with the daunting-seeming task of estate planning, available to many of those who have a Haven Term life insurance policy. (Don’t have one? Start by getting a free online life insurance quote here.)

Here’s how Haven Life Plus can make estate planning less hard.

No-cost will and trust services

Trust & Will is an online service devoted to … wait for it … trusts and wills. Through this website, you can create a will (or a trust) to suit your circumstances.

A will outlines the plan for your assets, future care if you’re incapacitated, and guardianship of young children. You can use your will to specify any specific health care wishes, such as people you want access to your medical records or doctors you prefer to use for your long-term care.

In your will, you’ll appoint an executor of your estate. The executor is in charge of handling your affairs once you die or become incapacitated. They’re expected to follow your wishes, which you detail in your will.

Creating a will allows you to leave specific assets, like property, money, or possessions, to the people you want to have them. For example, if you own a vacation home, you might pass it to your children to share. Similarly, you might pass down your great-great grandfather’s baseball card collection to your season ticket-holding cousin.

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After finalizing your will, you’ll receive several legal documents, including:

Your last will and testamentHIPAA authorizationLiving willPower of attorney

If a trust makes more sense for you and your loved ones — here are the pros and cons of trusts — you can get a trust instead.

Normally, creating a will or via Trust & Will is $699. But again, it comes at no cost for eligible Haven Term policyholders through the Haven Life Plus bonus rider.

End-of-life planning services

If making a will (and/or trust) is all about figuring out what happens to your stuff when you die, then end-of-life planning is all about figuring out what happens to you when you die — whether you’ll be buried or cremated (or something else), what kind of service you want (a funeral, an end-of-life celebration, a New Orleans-style jazz funeral, Viking burial…), and communicating your wishes accordingly.

Lantern is another tool that can make your death a little easier for your survivors. (And as with Trust & Will, you can enjoy no-cost services via the Haven Life Plus bonus rider.)

Through Lantern, you can create a comprehensive end-of-life plan that clarifies your wishes and explains how you want your loved ones to care for you when you die. Lantern also assists people who have recently lost loved ones and need help understanding what to do.

With Lantern’s end-of-life planning tools, you’ll receive tips on planning for your death, including arranging your finances and managing accounts or subscriptions. Lantern can also help you manage your digital presence following death, including social media accounts and digital files or photos.

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If you’d like to plan your funeral or remembrance ceremony, you can do so through Lantern. You can choose the type of memorial you’d like to have and pick the songs you want played. That way, your survivors understand how to handle your funeral. You won’t leave them scrambling to plan it in the days following your death when they’re grieving your loss.

People who recently lost a loved one and need help navigating the logistics of death can find the support they need through Lantern. Subscribers receive a one-on-one consultation with a specialist, who will explain the steps to take following a loss. A Lantern consultant can help you plan a funeral, find outside help from attorneys or CPAs, and close accounts for your loved one. They can also direct you to qualified grief counselors if you need emotional support during a tough time.

The value of a Lantern subscription is $149, but again, it’s available for no cost if you are an eligible Haven Term policyholder.

Secure online document storage

Once you’ve created all these important estate planning documents, where do you store them? And given many of them will be created online, where do you store them securely, but in a place where your loved ones can access them if you pass away?

Enter LifeSite. LifeSite is an online document storage system built with military-grade encryption, but with subscriptions that allow you to share certain files and passwords with select family members, all of which makes it easy to find important documents in a pinch. Think of it as a virtual safe deposit box.

And as with the above services, a no-cost subscription is available for eligible Haven Term policyholders through the Haven Life Plus bonus rider.

Services that help you while you’re still living

Here’s the thing about life insurance: It might seem like it’s for other people, and only matters after you’ve died. So while we all aspire to be generous, it can seem easy to put off, because we’re not the ones who ultimately get much out of it.

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But guess what: Life insurance helps you while you’re still alive by providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are financially protected in case you die. Moreover, for eligible Haven Term policyholders, the Haven Life Plus bonus rider provides plenty of services you can use, again, while you’re still living.

Here are a few more:


Aaptiv is ideal for people who want the benefits of exercise but prefer to avoid the expensive costs of a personal trainer or a gym membership. Through Aaptiv, you’ll gain unlimited access to thousands of audio and video workouts, which you can personalize to meet your goals. Subscribers also receive personalized workout plans, which help them reach specific objectives, like improving their mile time or losing weight.

Timeshifter is a jet lag-fighting app with NASA-backed science, designed for frequent travelers or shift workers who need to adjust their Circadian rhythm to accommodate time zone changes or overnight work. It allows you to create a travel or sleep plan to feel your best and avoid the annoying symptoms of jet lag. A no-cost subscription to Timeshifter is available through the Haven Life Plus rider.

MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic at many CVS and Target locations nationwide, offering urgent care for 40% less than a typical urgent care clinic would charge. Through Haven Life Plus, eligible policyholders can also receive a 15% discount on a single service annually.

Getting life insurance is an important first step in making a plan for your loved ones to navigate life without you. Making an estate plan is the logical next step. Through Haven Life, taking these important steps is a little less hard.