How Smoking Cigars Can Impact Your Life Insurance Rates

Image of lit cigar in ashtray for Quotacy blog Do Cigars Affect Life Insurance Rates?

For example, a 40-year-old male who smokes one cigar per month might be classified as Preferred Plus by one company but only get a Preferred Tobacco rate from another, making a difference of nearly $93 per month.

Note: These rates assume the applicant has no other risk factors aside from cigar smoking. If you have other health or lifestyle risks, such as high blood pressure or heavy drinking habits, these could affect your rate. The figures are illustrative and your actual rate may be higher or lower.

Learn about the different risk factors life insurance companies evaluate and how they can impact the cost of your coverage.

Be Honest and Specific

At Quotacy, we act as your life insurance matchmaker, connecting you with the insurer best suited to your individual situation. However, for an accurate match, you need to be upfront about your tobacco use.

Before forwarding your application to an insurance provider, our agents review your information to make sure you’re aligned with the company most likely to offer favorable terms.

To ensure your agent matches you with the right insurer, you need to be honest when filling out your application. For cigar use specifically, be sure to disclose how much you smoke.

Don’t misrepresent yourself on your application. If it turns out that you lied about your tobacco use, the life insurance company can penalize you by reducing your death benefit or, in extreme cases, denying your beneficiary’s claim altogether.

Avoid Cigar Use Before Your Exam

After applying for life insurance, many applicants will need to partake in a brief medical exam, which usually includes collecting samples of blood and urine.

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Generally speaking, these tests can detect nicotine in your blood for up to 1 to 3 days and in your urine for up to 3 to 4 days after smoking. So, avoid cigar use at least a week prior to your scheduled medical exam.

Many life insurance companies are willing to offer non-tobacco rates to cigar users as long as they admit to it on the application and their medical exam results come back negative for nicotine.

Learn more about the life insurance medical exam and tips on getting the best results.

Apply Through Quotacy Today to Get the Best Rates

Life insurance is purchased by tobacco users every day. The process doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming.

At Quotacy, we’re dedicated to matching you with the right life insurance product and company for your situation so you can protect your loved ones. By understanding your specific needs, we aim to secure the best price possible.

Don’t leave it to guesswork; explore your options and get free, anonymous term life insurance quotes today. Take control of your future by making an informed decision that suits your lifestyle.