Hypothetical Question: I have been having some neurological issues that MIGHT point to ALS (terminal illness)…

Hypothetical Question: I (M40) have been having some neurological issues that MIGHT point to ALS. Coincidentally, I had a small physical injury months back that urged me to get term life insurance. I am currently in the process of getting 20-year term life insurance, and all that is left is my exam. My gut tells me it's more serious than a common back injury but I haven't had a doctor bring up ALS just yet (I haven't even seen a neurologist), right now my medical records just show an MRI indication a bulged disk that resulted in some common symptoms (bulging disk official diagnosis), and an upcoming ortho appointment.

With that being said, should I hold off on seeking care for my ALS symptoms (ER and on-call neurologist) that might ruin any chance of getting my life insurance. As far as I know, it's just a bulging disk, but going to the ER (I am not in pain, but symptoms seem to be deteriorating rapidly), would surely delay/deny my application. However, if I wait to get approved for life insurance based on my current diagnoses (just a bulged disk), and then go down the road for seeing if it's ALS, would that be wise? Or is there some clause that would deny it anyway if I ended up having ALS within a certain time frame? I've heard of contest period, but I am not lying when I say I am not being treated/ suspected of having ALS from any medical professional.

Would this be wise for a person to wait assuming that the end diagnoses is ALS?

Sorry for any insensitivity, but I am not going to bring up my symptoms, but they all seem to point towards a neuron motor disease. However, I am sure my blood work and physical exam will go fine since the symptoms aren't that revealing yet and it seems to be a basic medical exam with blood work for the physical. I'm just sort of freaking out in my head with these symptoms, worse case, I'd like to know my family is covered – (I do already have employer insurance, but not sure how that works if I can't work)

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