Okay so I think I may have gotten roped into too much or I have made a good decision I don’t know. I have a 30 term life insurance policy for 100,000 and it is about $17 per month. I also have a whole life policy also for 100,000 and it’s $100 per month. I feel like this is very expensive. I’m 28, don’t smoke and healthy. I am married and we are not sure if we are going to have kids or not but there’s a good chance not. We don’t have any major illnesses or anything.

I can get basic life insurance through work for free. Should I cancel my 30 year term policy?

Do I really need whole life? I like the idea but it seems so expensive per month. Is $100,000 enough for one person if I die? How are you supposed to know that?

Can’t I open up another retirement fund if I cancel the whole life policy so I can still have supplemental savings for retirement in addition to my retirement savings through work?

I feel like a term policy isn’t worth it compared to a whole life because the odds are so slim that I will die within 30 years. On the other hand, the whole life is expensive and idk if I need that or is it smart to have it?

Why don’t they teach us any of this in school?