Jetty Insurance Review Jan 2024 | Why Lemonade Is Better!

Jetty Insurance Review Jan 2024 | Why Lemonade Is Better!


Basic plans will cover your ‘normal household belongings’ like your clothes, your bed, your tv, your washer/dryer and your couch.  

In general the coverage covers the below areas:

Contents Coverage – If something happens to your things this part of the policy covers that.  It will cover things from furniture to electronics.

Loss Of Use Coverage — If you are in a situation where your rental becomes uninhabitable, this coverage will kick in to help you with funds for things like hotel stays, food and travel. 

Liability Coverage — If you cause damage or harm to someone and are financially responsible, like if your dog damages someone’s property; this coverage will kick in.

Medical Payments To Others Coverage — This part of the policy will pay out if you need to pay financial compensation to cover someone’s medical bills (due to an incident on or near your property). 

These Basic plans are designed to cover many people with similar risk levels on their ‘normal household belongings.’

Remember, Basic Plans do not fully cover an additional set of scenarios common to personal electronics items like your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.

This is the same with every renters insurance provider. 


If you have items like that then you will probably want to add the Personal Electronics Protection Power-Up, which we discuss more below. 


Power Ups are going to be a group of bonus features you can add to your plan to obtain tailored protection for your life and your circumstances, these power ups include: 

Valuables Protection — If you have a special item worth over $1,000, Jetty recommends that you add the Valuables Protection Power-Up.

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Since the Basic Plans are designed to cover many people with similar risk levels on their ‘normal household belongings,’ they don’t fully cover uncommon, high-value items. 

Things like your grandmother’s pearl necklace, your rare Bordeaux wines,  your colonial stamp collection, your rare comic book collection or your Optimus Prime action figure. 

Jetty’s Valuables Protection Power-Up covers the following types of items:

JewelryMusic & Audio GearPhoto & Video Gear
Fashion ItemsBikesArt & DesignSports EquipmentSpecial CollectionsWine Collections

Personal Electronics Protection — This coverage is going to be for personal electronics items like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

These items are subject to all sorts of special risks not typically covered by Basic plans, such as drop-and-shatter, and are not necessarily covered for these situations by default (keep in mind, this is not unique to Jetty). 

As such, for just a few dollars extra, Jetty recommends buying the Personal Electronics Protection Power-Up to ensure you’re fully protected in these scenarios.

This power up will add 3 different levels of coverage to your plan by:

Ensuring That All Items Are Sufficiently Protected

This Power-Up Goes Into A Lot Of Detail As To What Types Of Specific Items Get Covered, And If You Have A Ton Of Electronics, It’s Probably A Good Match; These Include:Mobile & Smart Phones Tablets (like an iPad)Computers
Gaming Devices
RoutersExternal Hard DrivesWired Or Wireless PeripherialsAccessories
Personal Media PlayersHeadphonesProtecting You In A Wider Range Of Reimbursable Situations 

Unlike your ‘normal household belongings’ like your clothes, the items covered under the Personal Electronics Power-Up are highly susceptible to situations happening which make the probability of a claim more likely.

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An example: drop-and-break; while it’s highly unlikely that a pile of clothes would break if you were to drop them.

However if you drop your google pixel XL, you will be screaming before it hits the ground, and you know the screen is going to be completely shattered. 

Under the Basic plans, the situations that allow for reimbursement are the ones which reasonably apply to normal household belongings.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that you’re covered in the fullest range of scenarios possible (like ‘mysterious disappearance’ or ‘Drop-And-Break), go for the Power-Up option.’

Keep In Mind: 

This power-up is only for physical damage and does not cover things like malware, spyware or any other type of computer viruses.

Giving You An Item-Specific Deductible

As you probably know, all insurance plans come with a deductible.

Deductible is the amount you’re responsible for before an insurance company’s protection kicks in.

When buying a plan, you have the option of adjusting the deductible; the higher the deductible, the cheaper your plan will be, this is because you are taking on more of the financial risk up-front.

With the Personal Electronics Protection Power-Up, there’s a $100 deductible for computers and just a $50 deductible for all other items. 

This is great because if you purchase this Power-Up, and drop your tablet or phone, your deductible would only be $50 and the policy would cover the remainder up to your coverage amount.

Airbnb Host Theft Protection – So, if you have used Airbnb before you know that you are covered for most damages by the Host Protection insurance they offer.

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However, since you are indeed acting like a landlord when you rent your place out, your normal plan becomes void for many situations.

This includes things like theft arising from your guest’s negligence. 

When guests don’t lock the door or hide the key in the right place this Power-Up will cover you. 

Additional Coverage Included In All Jetty Plans

The best thing about a Jetty Insurance policy is that it comes with additional benefits that are included at no extra cost, check out what else is covered below:

Global Protection – This is going to protect your property no matter where you are on the planet.  If you experience a covered loss, even outside of your rental, your policy will cover it.

Bedbug Coverage – This will pay out $300.00 if a licensed pest control professional certifies that you have bedbugs to help you offset the costs of dealing with it.

The Three Jetty Plans & What They Cover

Just like the majority of more modern insurance companies, Jetty has made their buying process very simple with 3 options.

These plans all range in different levels of protection and give you the ability to fit coverage into your budget.  

I always tell my customers that it is better to buy what you can afford than to buy nothing.

Below is an image of how the quotes will be displayed as well as more detailed information about how each plan works: