My Fiancé passed away and myself, his daughters, and deceased mom were beneficiaries (MetLife)

My fiancé passed away two weeks ago due to a cardiac arrest during his sleep. A few days later his company contacted me to inform me that he named me, his two daughters and deceased mother as beneficiaries. The HR representative told me that I was designated to receive 50% of his supplemental life insurance policy and the remaining amount would be allocated based on percentages to his daughters and mom (who passed earlier this year).

I contacted MetLife and they were able to give me access to the website so that I could upload documents. However, I noticed that my beneficiary allocation was 20% and not the 50% that his employer initially told me.

I’m afraid that my portion will be allocated incorrectly and I won’t be able to do anything about it or spend money in court which is not worth it during this time of grievance.

I spoke with his employer yesterday and she reconfirmed the percentage payout and said it is the same information that was provided to MetLife.

In addition his mother was listed and she is no longer alive, what will they do about her portion? Will it be allocated amongst the remaining beneficiaries?

Need help what should I do?

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