New inforce illustration, new monthly premium?

Apologies for the possible complexity of this. It's all new to me.

We received a new inforce illustration for my mother's guaranteed advantage universal life policy. She is 80 years old.

She had been paying about $120 per month for premiums, but received a "notice of payment due" (about $1800) to "maintain the Coverage Continuation Rider". The cash surrender value is down to $0.

We called the company, and received the new illustration.

On page 3 of the illustration, it says – "The Five Year No-Lapse Guaranteed monthly premium for this contract is $216.39 . As long as premiums are paid as illustrated beginning on page 7 of this illustration and no policy changes, loans or withdrawals are made, the Face Amount (net of loans) is guaranteed to continue for the lifetime of the insured."

On page 7, there is a chart (Policy Values Ledger) with "Planned Annualized Premium Outlay", around $10,500 for the first year.

Are the new monthly premiums going to be $216.39 (from page 3) or $10,500 per year (from page 7)?

I'm fairly certain she does need to pay the $1800 for the coverage continuation rider, but are there any other possible large sum payments they are going to present to her in the next few years?

Any advice, info or hints are greatly appreciated.

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