My paramed exam was a total disaster. The examiner spoke poor English and was totally incompetent.

She didn’t know how to use the scale. It was a medical style analog scale with the sliding weights and balance beam. She read my weight 10 pounds too light.

The urine cup had no lid or labels on it. She left it in the bathroom after I was done with it. I never saw it again. This same bathroom appeared to be used by everyone.

For a company (ExamOne) owned by Quest Diagnostics you’d think they would have computer printed labels with barcodes to track the lab samples. My vials of blood had hand-written labels on them.

When it came time to discuss medical history, she had no idea what acid reflux/GERD was. She had never heard of omeprazole to treat it, or Zyrtec to treat allergies. Aren’t these some of the most common drugs on the planet? I had to open Wikipedia on my phone for her to read about them.

For one of my past medical conditions in 2013-2014 she wanted the address and phone number for a doctor of mine who is now retired. I explained to her there’s no way to contact this doctor any longer because they are retired and out of business. She didn’t understand what “retired” meant and kept asking the same question repeatedly. I finally tracked down this doctor’s old address just to make her happy, which was on college street. She didn’t know how to spell the word “college”.

There was a questionnaire detailing medical history which she partially let me fill out myself. When I got to the second page, she ripped it away from me and said, “no, I fill out.” Parts of the paperwork I never got to see, so I have no idea what she wrote down.

Part of the questionnaire was on an iPad. After I had selected yes/no, I caught her tapping on the questions again, apparently because she doesn’t how to use the iPad. No idea if any of my answers got changed. She left the room multiple times for iPad help.

Last but not least, another woman entered the room at the end of the exam. They argued about the paperwork, with the second woman not liking the way it was filled out. The second woman scribbled out some of the answers and added her own notes.

What would you do in my shoes? Wait for the results to see what happens, or complain to ExamOne / my insurance guy right away?