Policyholder Sues Northwestern Mutual Over Life and Disability Policies

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A Florida man is suing Northwestern Mutual Life for disability insurance benefits and life insurance waiver-of-premium benefits.

The man, Marcus Kirk, argues in a complaint filed in a state court in Leon County, Florida, that he applied for benefits late because the company described his coverage incorrectly when he first called it.

Kirk’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Northwestern Mutual said that it has not yet seen the complaint.

The policy: Kirk bought a term life insurance policy with a $500,000 death benefit and a 20-year level-premium term in 2009, when he was 35, according to a copy of the policy included with the complaint. The policy provided for a waiver of premium payments if he became disabled.

He paid premiums of $1,088 per year.

He also bought a disability insurance policy that would provide a $700 benefit per month and a $1,500 social insurance substitute benefit for an initial premium of $875.57.

The claim: In April 2010, Kirk was injured by an automobile while he was walking. He suffered a head injury that led to neurological problems, cost him his job and caused him to lose two other jobs, according to the complaint.

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