Quility Debuts Porcupine Mascot, Quigley, to Make Life Insurance Less "Prickly" – PRNewswire

Quility Debuts Porcupine Mascot, Quigley, to Make Life Insurance Less "Prickly" - PRNewswire

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Quility Insurance, a digital platform offering financial solutions through an online application or support from a licensed insurance agent, introduced Quigley, the brand’s new live porcupine mascot who embodies the company mission of making life insurance less “prickly.”

Quigley, an adorable, 15-inch porcupine, has been preparing for his leading role in Quility’s upcoming national brand campaign (available here) as life insurance has crept toward the forefront of consumer consciousness as a result of the pandemic. Still, only slightly more than half (55%) of consumers have talked with a loved one about life insurance policies since the onset of the pandemic, according to the latest ValuePenguin survey.

“Quigley is going to help Quility reach consumers on a national scale and shatter misconceptions about life insurance in a way that industry has never seen,” said Joe Dendy, Quility Insurance Chief Marketing Officer. “He’s a fun-loving character who serves as a powerful metaphor for turning an otherwise ‘prickly’ conversation into something that consumers can enjoy.”

The fact remains that many consumers are unsure how to begin the life insurance buying process, something Quigley hopes to change when his series of 30-second television spots air on cable and streaming services beginning on February 24. Outfitted in his signature collar and teal blue tie, Quigley aims to make the life insurance buying process simpler and more enjoyable than most consumers anticipate through Quility’s 100% digital experience, with no medical exams and on-the-spot decision in minutes.

Quigley will help educate consumers about the value of protecting their loved ones through an affordable and customized life insurance policy. Backed by thousands of licensed insurance agents nationwide and access to more than 80 insurance carriers, Quility provides clients with convenient access to expert advice and support, either online or with an agent.

For more information about Quigley and Quility’s insurance policies, visit www.quility.com/about-quigley or www.quility.com. Commercials featuring Quigley can also be found on the company’s YouTube channel.

About Quility Insurance 
Quility uses innovative and proprietary technology to modernize the process of qualifying for and purchasing life insurance. The Quility digital platform offers clients the option to apply for life insurance online through a ten-minute application with the support of a licensed insurance agent. To learn more, visit quility.com.

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