TLDR below.

I’m in the process of applying for term life. 45/m, nonsmoker, no significant family history, etc.

I reached out to three different independent agents to get advice and to decide who I want to work with. But I’ve gotten quite different information on what the first two agents think my rate class will be (haven’t heard back from the 3rd yet). And as a result, the costs are very different between these two agents. Agent A said I’ll be preferred class and was quoting me $100/mo for $1M in 20 year coverage, while Agent B said I might be standard but I might fall into the next lower class (I think he called it Table 1), and said my best case would be $160/mo for $1M, but it could be higher.

The reason Agent B is saying I am higher risk is because I have Dupuytren’s Disease. I told both agents about this condition, and explained to them that I was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago but the condition is latent.

TLDR: For those who are familiar with the underwriting process: Would Dupuytren’s increase my risk to a life insurance company, and as a result put me into a lower risk class?