Sanlam Life Insurance difficult to get paid out.

Briefly. My wife passed away over 8 years ago and we both had Sanlam Life Insurance. We live in Canada and I have been trying to get it settled. They just make it almost impossible to get it done. They want current ID’s. They want bank accounts in South Africa. They don’t follow Will instructions for beneficiaries. They drag it on and on. Eventually ID’s expire. Bank accounts go dormant and get closed. They want updated paperwork. It is almost like the money is never going to get settled. I have jumped through so many hoops. The latest is that they will follow their own beneficiary protocols and want to pay out to my now adult children based on the fact that at the time of death they were under 21. I am the sole beneficiary in the Will. I was just going to donate the money to the kids but first I gotta get it. It feels impossible. Now they want the kids to have bank accounts and want all their financial details etc. i hope you never make the mistake of investing with or buying anything from this organisation. You will regret it dearly. I also have life insurance which will clearly be impossible to get paid out for my beneficiary on my death.

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