What life insurance riders does Voya Financial offer?

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In today’s world, having life insurance is crucial for the financial security of your loved ones. However, did you know that you can enhance your life insurance coverage by adding riders? Voya Financial, a leading provider of life insurance, offers a range of riders that can provide additional benefits and peace of mind. Let’s delve into the world of life insurance riders and explore what options Voya Financial has to offer.

Understanding Life Insurance Riders

Before we dive into the specific riders offered by Voya Financial, let’s first understand what life insurance riders are. Simply put, riders are additional features or provisions that you can add to your life insurance policy for extra coverage. They allow policyholders to customize their policies to suit their specific needs and offer expanded protection.

Life insurance riders can provide benefits such as accelerated death benefits, coverage for specified conditions, disability protection, and more. By adding riders to your policy, you can enhance the financial protection provided by your life insurance coverage.

Definition of Life Insurance Riders

A life insurance rider is an add-on provision that modifies or enhances the coverage of a life insurance policy. These riders can be attached to various types of life insurance policies, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. Voya Financial offers riders that cater to different policy types, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

For example, if you have a term life insurance policy with Voya Financial, you can add a critical illness rider that provides a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. This rider can help cover medical expenses and other costs associated with your illness, giving you peace of mind during a difficult time.

If you have a whole life insurance policy, Voya Financial offers a long-term care rider that can help cover the costs of assisted living, nursing home care, or in-home care if you become unable to perform certain activities of daily living. This rider can provide financial support to ensure you receive the care you need without depleting your savings or burdening your loved ones.

Importance of Life Insurance Riders

Life insurance riders are important because they allow policyholders to tailor their coverage to meet their specific needs. Everyone’s situation is unique, and generic life insurance policies may not provide the exact benefits that individuals or families require. By adding riders, you can customize your policy to ensure it addresses your particular concerns.

Riders can be especially beneficial in situations where a standard life insurance policy might not cover specific risks or circumstances. For example, if you have a dangerous occupation or engage in high-risk activities, you can add an accidental death benefit rider to your policy. This rider provides an additional death benefit if you die as a result of an accident, providing extra financial protection for your loved ones.

Another important rider offered by Voya Financial is the disability income rider. This rider can provide a monthly income benefit if you become disabled and are unable to work. This can help replace lost income and cover ongoing expenses while you focus on your recovery.

Furthermore, if you have a child or children, you may want to consider adding a child term rider to your policy. This rider provides coverage for your child’s life, offering financial protection in case of an unexpected tragedy. It can help cover funeral expenses, medical bills, and other costs that may arise.

In conclusion, life insurance riders offer additional benefits and flexibility to policyholders. They allow you to customize your coverage to meet your specific needs and provide extra financial protection in various circumstances. With Voya Financial’s range of riders, you can choose the ones that best suit your situation and have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are well-protected.

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Overview of Voya Financial

Now that we understand the importance of life insurance riders, let’s take a closer look at Voya Financial, the company offering these valuable enhancements. Voya Financial is a trusted provider of life insurance and retirement solutions in the United States. With a long history of providing reliable financial services, Voya Financial has built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Brief History of Voya Financial

Voya Financial has a rich history that spans over 140 years. The company was originally established in 1877 as The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. Founded by Henry Baldwin Hyde, The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States aimed to provide life insurance coverage to individuals and families, ensuring their financial security.

Over the years, The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States experienced significant growth and success, expanding its product offerings and customer base. In 1991, the company changed its name to The Equitable, reflecting its evolution and commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions.

In 2004, The Equitable demutualized and became a publicly traded company, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of financial services. This transformation allowed The Equitable to access capital markets and expand its operations, enabling it to better serve its customers.

However, the company’s journey didn’t end there. In 2013, The Equitable underwent a rebranding effort and became Voya Financial. The new name, Voya Financial, represents the company’s commitment to helping individuals navigate through life’s financial journey and achieve their goals.

With a firm foundation built on experience and expertise, Voya Financial is committed to helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals and protect their loved ones through comprehensive life insurance solutions.

Voya Financial’s Core Services

Aside from life insurance, Voya Financial offers a wide range of financial services tailored to individuals, families, and businesses. Its core services include retirement planning, investment management, employee benefits, and more.

When it comes to retirement planning, Voya Financial understands the importance of preparing for the future. Whether you’re just starting your career or approaching retirement age, Voya Financial has the expertise and resources to help you create a personalized retirement plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Through its investment management services, Voya Financial aims to help individuals grow and protect their wealth. With a team of experienced investment professionals, Voya Financial offers a diverse range of investment options, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting to explore the world of investments, Voya Financial can provide the guidance and support you need.

For businesses, Voya Financial offers comprehensive employee benefits solutions. From retirement plans to group insurance coverage, Voya Financial can help businesses attract and retain top talent while providing valuable financial security to their employees.

With a holistic approach to financial well-being, Voya Financial aims to be a trusted partner throughout every stage of your life. Whether you’re planning for retirement, protecting your loved ones with life insurance, or seeking investment opportunities, Voya Financial is dedicated to helping you achieve financial success.

Life Insurance Riders Offered by Voya Financial

Now that we understand the foundation of life insurance riders and have familiarized ourselves with Voya Financial, let’s explore the riders they offer. Voya Financial provides a variety of life insurance riders that can be added to their different policy types. These riders enhance the coverage and benefits associated with your life insurance policy, ensuring you have comprehensive protection.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Accidents can happen when we least expect them, and their consequences can be devastating for our loved ones. The Accidental Death Benefit Rider offered by Voya Financial provides an additional benefit if the insured’s death is caused by an accident. This rider can provide financial support to your beneficiaries in challenging times, offering them a sense of security and stability.

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Waiver of Premium Rider

Unforeseen circumstances such as disability can impact our ability to pay life insurance premiums. With the Waiver of Premium Rider from Voya Financial, you can safeguard your coverage in such situations. This rider waives your premium payments if you become totally disabled before a certain age. By adding this rider to your policy, you can maintain your life insurance coverage without financial strain during difficult times.

Child Rider

As a parent, ensuring the financial well-being of your children is a top priority. Voya Financial understands this, and their Child Rider offers an additional benefit for your child’s coverage. By adding this rider to your life insurance policy, you can provide coverage for your child as a named insured. This rider can give you peace of mind, knowing that your child has some financial protection in place.

Term Conversion Rider

Many people start with term life insurance policies but later realize the need for more permanent coverage. With Voya Financial’s Term Conversion Rider, you have the flexibility to convert your term policy to a permanent one without undergoing additional medical underwriting. This rider allows you to adapt to your changing needs and secure coverage for the long term.

How to Choose the Right Rider with Voya Financial

Now that we’ve explored the different riders offered by Voya Financial, you may be wondering how to choose the one that is right for you. Selecting the appropriate rider requires careful evaluation of your personal needs and financial goals.

Assessing Your Personal Needs

Consider your current circumstances and needs. Are you concerned about accidental death and its financial implications? Prioritize riders like the Accidental Death Benefit Rider. If you have children, the Child Rider may provide the added protection you desire.

Take into account your financial responsibilities and goals. If you want to ensure your life insurance coverage remains intact in the event of disability, the Waiver of Premium Rider could be essential for you.

Ultimately, the right rider for you will depend on your unique situation and priorities. Voya Financial’s experienced team of financial advisors can help you assess your needs and make an informed decision.

Consulting with a Financial Advisor

If you are unsure about which rider to choose, don’t hesitate to consult a financial advisor. Voya Financial has a network of knowledgeable professionals who can guide you through the selection process. Share your concerns, goals, and financial situation with them so they can offer personalized recommendations.

A financial advisor can evaluate your specific circumstances, provide expert advice, and help you weigh the benefits and costs of each rider. With their assistance, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals and offers the protection you need.

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The Process of Adding Riders to Your Life Insurance Policy

Once you’ve chosen the right rider or riders to enhance your life insurance coverage, you may be wondering how to add them to your policy. Voya Financial has a streamlined process in place to make adding riders simple and convenient.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Riders

The first step is to reach out to Voya Financial’s customer service team or your financial advisor. They will guide you through the necessary paperwork and documentation required to add the desired rider to your policy.

Once your request is submitted, Voya Financial will review it and make any necessary adjustments to your policy. They will provide you with updated policy documentation reflecting the addition of the chosen rider.

It’s essential to review the revised policy carefully to ensure all details are accurate, including the terms and conditions of the added rider. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Voya Financial for clarification.

Costs Associated with Adding Riders

When considering adding riders to your life insurance policy, it’s important to understand the associated costs. Riders typically come at an additional cost, which will be reflected in your premium payments. The exact cost will depend on several factors, including the type of rider, your age, health, the coverage amount, and the duration of the rider.

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It’s crucial to factor in the additional costs when assessing the affordability of the rider(s) you wish to add. Weigh the benefits against the costs to ensure you are making a financially sound decision.


Life insurance riders offered by Voya Financial allow policyholders to go beyond standard coverage and tailor their policies to their specific needs. By adding riders such as the Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Waiver of Premium Rider, Child Rider, or Term Conversion Rider, you can enhance your life insurance policy to provide additional benefits and protection.

When considering adding riders, assess your personal needs and consult with a financial advisor to ensure you make informed decisions aligned with your goals. The process of adding riders is straightforward with Voya Financial, and their dedicated customer service team is available to guide you every step of the way.

Remember, life insurance riders can provide the extra peace of mind and protection your loved ones deserve. Explore the riders offered by Voya Financial and take the next step towards securing your family’s financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What life insurance riders does Voya Financial offer?

Voya Financial offers various life insurance riders, including accidental death benefit rider, children’s term rider, chronic illness rider, and waiver of premium rider. These riders provide additional coverage and benefits to policyholders.

What is an accidental death benefit rider?

An accidental death benefit rider is an optional add-on to a life insurance policy that provides an additional death benefit if the insured dies due to an accident. This rider can provide financial protection for the insured’s beneficiaries in case of accidental death.

What is a children’s term rider?

A children’s term rider is a life insurance rider that allows the policyholder to add coverage for their children. If a child covered by this rider dies, the policyholder receives a death benefit. It provides additional financial security for the policyholder’s family.

What is a chronic illness rider?

A chronic illness rider is a life insurance rider that allows the policyholder to access a portion of the death benefit if they are diagnosed with a qualifying chronic illness. This rider can help cover medical expenses or other costs associated with the illness.

What is a waiver of premium rider?

A waiver of premium rider is a life insurance rider that waives the premium payments if the policyholder becomes disabled or unable to work due to injury or illness. This rider ensures that the policy remains in force even if the policyholder is unable to pay the premiums.

How do life insurance riders provide additional benefits?

Life insurance riders provide additional benefits by expanding the coverage and options available to policyholders. They can offer extra financial protection in specific situations such as accidental death, chronic illness, or covering children. Riders are optional add-ons that enhance the overall value of a life insurance policy.

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