What’s going on with term life insurance that’s confusing when should be simple?

46m, good health record. Every online quote mentions something like $40-60/mo for a 10yr $1milion policy. State Farm sends me to my local guy who automatically says the quote is too low, later tried to upsell the 20yr one. That’s just during first contact.

I tired sofi that send me to ladder who gets all my record and says it’s $203/mo “based on medical record” when I pressed on this the answer was that life insurance uses a complex way to make sure it’s the correct price with many different things that ends up on the end quote. But going from a $45 to 203 seems whacky.

What am I missing here? Are the online quote just BS to get poeple in the door? Why isn’t a much easier thing? Specially if the average lifespan has gone up. Why isn’t a simple process like many other financial instruments/insurance? Go to a place with my ID, fill out a form and be done with it. Agents sees I’m fine, Policy kicks in 2yrs and that’s it, pay monthly. Will this process go easier/faster if it was several lowered priced policies?

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