Your Life Protected supports Heart Research UK

Your Life Protected supports Heart Research UK

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Heart Research UK, a national heart charity committed to the prevention, treatment and cure of heart diseases through research, education and community support.

This new collaboration signifies a major step forward in our ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community. In this article, we will delve into the important work carried out by Heart Research UK, how we aim to support their mission, and how you can get involved.

About Heart Research UK

Heart Research UK is a leading heart charity with over 50 years of experience in medical research, promoting healthy lifestyles in the community, and innovative education projects to tackle heart diseases head on. Over the last 50 years, they have made a significant impact on cardiovascular health, but people are still dying. The vital funding they need will power the work their amazing scientists and health professionals do, and will keep doing, until there are no more deaths from heart diseases.

Heart Research UK’s main areas of work are:

Funding medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart diseases
Healthy Heart Grants aimed at supporting adults in the community to reduce their risk of developing heart diseases
Working in schools by teaching children about their hearts and how to protect them
Masterclasses give surgeons, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals the opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and hands-on experience from leading experts in the field
Healthy Hearts at Work supports employers to identify and address the health and wellbeing needs of staff

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How we’re supporting Heart Research UK

For more than a decade Your Life Protected has helped individuals with pre-existing heart conditions secure Life Insurance. We have made a commitment to donate to Heart Research UK when we successfully arrange cover for anyone with a heart condition. Your Life Protected aims is to help those struggling to secure financial protection for their families, whilst also supporting Heart Research UK so they can continue their work into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart diseases.

Securing Life Insurance is a crucial step in ensuring financial stability and peace of mind for your loved ones. However, for individuals living with pre-existing heart conditions, this process can be challenging. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of obtaining Life Insurance when you have a heart condition and introduce the invaluable assistance offered by Your Life Protected navigating this complex journey.

Challenges Faced by Those with Pre-existing Heart Conditions

Individuals with pre-existing heart conditions often encounter obstacles when seeking life insurance. These challenges include:

Higher Premiums: Due to the perceived increased risk, individuals with heart conditions may face higher insurance premiums, making coverage less affordable.
Limited Options: The pool of insurance providers willing to cover individuals with heart conditions may be limited, reducing the chances of securing reasonably priced cover.
Being Refused: Depending on the type and severity of your condition, you may find an application being refused altogether.

How Your Life Protected Can Help

Your Life Protected is a specialist insurance broker whose focus is helping individuals with pre-existing medical conditions secure the Life Insurance they need. Here’s how we can help:

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Expertise in heart conditions: Your Life Protected has a deep understanding of various heart conditions and the complexities they present. Their advisers know how to navigate the insurance landscape to find the most suitable options for you.
Access to Specialised Providers: Your Life Protected has established connections with insurance providers who are more lenient with heart conditions. This ensures you have access to a wider range of options and the best chance of securing suitable cover.
Advocacy and Support: Your Life Protected serves as your advocate throughout the application process. They assist in filling out forms, provide expert guidance, lease with underwriters and insurers constantly to ensure the smoothest possible process.

Our partnership with Heart Research UK is a significant step toward improving heart health in our community. By supporting the vital work they do, we can contribute to lifesaving research, promote heart-healthy lifestyles, and make a difference in the lives of those affected by heart diseases. If you would like to explore options and see how we can provide peace of mind for your family, get in touch with Your Life Protected today.