Allianz enhances fleet policies to reduce repair times

Allianz enhances fleet policies to reduce repair times

Authored by Allianz

Fleet policies refreshed to cut repair timesGreen parts to be automatically fitted when appropriateReduced excess for customers using Approved Repairer Network (ARN)

Allianz Commercial has refreshed its fleet policies to reduce repair times: new wordings prescribe the fitting of green parts and encourage the use of approved repairers.

Against a backdrop of double-digit claims inflation, these new terms aim at delivering swifter sustainable repairs for customers.

The refreshed fleet policies will provide an incentive to customers who use Allianz’s Approved Repairer Network (ARN) in the form of an excess reduction.

Under new wordings effective 1 March, green parts will be fitted for non-safety-critical repairs where an appropriate part is available. Previously, explicit permission had to be sought for each repair, so the new rule will help speed up the claim process.

A green part is an undamaged component that has been salvaged from another vehicle. Allianz’s suppliers use only parts whose conformity has been certified. They come from the same manufacturer, with the original guarantee, and are the same age or newer than the parts they replace.

Allianz will guarantee the repairs made in its Approved Repairer Network, with or without green parts, for as long as the vehicle remains in its customer’s ownership.

Together with the excess reduction, this warranty aims to encourage customers to have their motor repairs done in one of the 300+ approved garages of its UK network.

This applies to the Motor Fleet and Small Fleet policies from 1 March, with Complete Mini Fleet following soon afterwards.

The repair times, costs and quality are better controlled inside the ARN than outside. The setting ensures industry standards are adhered to. It also allows for better cooperation and communication during the claim, enhancing customer experience.

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Head of claims customer delivery Eibhlin Swan comments: “The costs of motor claims have been rocketing in the market and we want to support our customers to keep their claims costs under control. For us, the solution is to work closely with our repairers. The incentive and the warranty we provide for ARN repairs show the trust we place in our partners’ skills.”

Head of commercial motor Gerry Ross adds: “Using more green parts in the repair process is the right thing to do. It’s good for our customers as it will reduce their claims costs and repair times. It’s also good for the environment as it reduces waste and carbon emissions.”