Allianz Re hires back Sang Hun Park as Global Head of Retrocession


Allianz Re, the global reinsurance unit of the Allianz group, has announced the hiring of Sang Hun Park as its new Global Head of Retrocession, with Park rejoining the company after a stint at Munich Re Capital Partners.

Park will join Allianz Re on May 1st in the Global Head of Retrocession role, with responsibility for the reinsurers’ retro programs.

He had previously spent nine years at Allianz Re, working in Munich and Singapore.

Park began his career at Korean Re as a marine hull underwriter in 2006, before becoming am underwriter of Japanese treaty reinsurance for the company.

He then joined Allianz Re in 2012 in Singapore, working as a treaty reinsurance underwriter across Asian territories.

In 2015, Park moved to Munich and underwrote European treaty reinsurance for Allianz Re, working his way up to become a P&C specialty senior underwriter for the company in 2016.

In 2018, Park made the move to retrocession, becoming Allianz Re’s senior retrocession manager in Munich.

In 2021, Park was hired by Munich Re, becoming a Senior Manager, Origination for the Munich Re Capital Partners business.

He now takes another step up in seniority on his return to Allianz Re, as Global Head of Retrocession.

With almost a decade of experience at the company, Park already has a deep knowledge of the Allianz Re reinsurance business and its retrocession needs.

His time spent in the Munich Re Capital Partners team will also have given him more exposure to capital market and structured solutions for risk transfer.

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