Allstate declares breakthrough in road safety

Allstate declares breakthrough in road safety

Allstate declares breakthrough in road safety | Insurance Business America

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Allstate declares breakthrough in road safety

Behaviors relate to phone usage, speeding, and hard braking

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Terry Gangcuangco

Allstate customers who utilize the Drivewise feature within the insurer’s app exhibit significantly safer driving habits, according to data shared by Allstate and its analytics partner Arity.

Drivewise, a voluntary usage-based insurance tool accessible via the Allstate app, offers users feedback on their driving and potential savings on insurance premiums. Analysis of the numbers found that users of Drivewise are 25% less likely to be involved in serious accidents compared to non-users.

The research also indicated that Drivewise motorists are less likely to engage in risky behaviors when driving. Specifically, users of Drivewise handle their phones 44% less while on the wheel, spend 23% less of their distance driving at high speed, and have an 11% lower rate of hard braking.

In remarks highlighting the benefits of usage-based insurance, Allstate executive vice president Ginger Purgatorio noted: “We offer customers the choice to pay a rate based on their driving.

“We find that when customers choose to use Drivewise on their Allstate mobile app, they tend to drive safer. And those who drive safer not only get in fewer accidents, but also can save money on their auto insurance.”

Citing data from safety advocates, Allstate added that motor vehicle fatalities in the US are alarmingly high, with a 13.6% increase in 2023 over pre-pandemic levels. Speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving continue to cause preventable collisions, with nearly 45,000 deaths reported last year.

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Drivewise helps mitigate risks by monitoring and educating drivers about crucial aspects like speed, braking, and phone usage while driving. The program also features crash detection, which can expedite assistance to drivers in the event of an accident.

Further insights into driving safety will be shared in the upcoming 16th edition of the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, which will rank the top 100 US urban areas based on metrics such as phone handling, high-speed driving, and hard braking.

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