Auckland businesses support Hipkins’ “back-to-basics” agenda

Auckland businesses support Hipkins’ “back-to-basics” agenda

Businesses in Auckland are more supportive of Prime Minister Chris Hipkin’s “back-to-basics” agenda and are wary of more “transformational” policies, a survey by the Auckland Business Chamber (ABC) revealed.

The ABC announced the results of the survey before hosting a roundtable discussion with the new prime minister. According to Simon Bridges, the chamber’s CEO, 78% of Auckland businesses don’t want more “transformational” policies.

“Business has spoken and the message for the government is clear,” Bridges said. “It’s time to focus on the basics that restore business confidence: tackling crime, curbing inflation, reducing the cost of living, and relaxing immigration settings. Not one business surveyed wants the prime minister to maintain the status quo.”

However, Hipkins still has to convince a significant proportion of Kiwi businesses. The survey showed that 36% expect the prime minister to pursue a more economic, business-focused agenda, while the same amount do not.

The survey showed that Auckland’s business community wants the prime minister to abandon several controversial policies introduced under his predecessor, such as the TVNZ-RNZ merger, the compulsory unemployment insurance scheme, Three Waters, and Fair Pay Agreements.

“Auckland businesses want stability and certainty with 75% of respondents expecting New Zealand to hit a recession this year,” Bridges said. “One of the key things Chris Hipkins must do is inject confidence back into the economy and deliver a business-focused agenda that instals hope for Kiwi business in the face of global economic uncertainty.”