Ben Hubbard CEO & Co-Founder of Parsyl: Bringing a good kind of naïveté to insurance

Ben Hubbard CEO & Co-Founder of Parsyl: Bringing a good kind of naïveté to insurance

24 minutes ago

Today’s guest is a real insurtech innovator with a story that is all the more remarkable because is bringing cutting edge tech to one of the oldest and most traditional lines of insurance, cargo.

Ben Hubbard CEO and co-founder of Parsyl is an insurance outsider, who now finds himself running a Syndicate in the beating heart of the global cargo market – Lloyd’s of London.

How did he get there?

The other remarkable part of the Parsyl story is that it is unlike other insurtechs, who see fusty old insurance as ripe for disrupting, Parsyl is born from the idea that it is insurance that completes the tech side of the business because it allows economic incentives and enhanced coverage to be offered to customers to make them change behaviour and run their businesses better in the interests of all.

So Instead of just selling technology it is also coming to take on a client’s risk – and that is something much more useful.

To give you an idea of the firm’s progress and its potential, the business has just announced a strategic partnership with Lineage Logistics, the world’s largest temperature-controlled logistics solutions provider whose customers spend around $500mn a year on cargo insurance.

Ben is a really friendly character who has the charisma and empathy needed to succeed in a multi-brokered market and I think his approach shows the way forward for how best to apply technology in the wholesale insurance value chain.

So listen on – you may find inspiration for how to adapt Ben’s approach into your own chosen specialist lines.

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