CASE STUDY: Winter sports travel insurance

CASE STUDY: Winter sports travel insurance

David Gadsden

David Gadsden (75) is an accomplished skier who has been regularly skiing since the mid 1980s. After turning 75, David encountered a problem with finding a winter sports travel insurance policy to cover his ski trip for La Plagne in the French Alps due to his age. His regular travel insurance provider explained that they were unable to find a ski package for him and referred him to BIBA’s Find Insurance Service. David was transferred to specialist broker Just Travel who were able to provide him with the travel Insurance that he needed at no extra cost. David said: “When my friends arranged a Ski trip for March, I didn’t hesitate to commit to go but without BIBA’s intervention I would have found myself in a very difficult position. Not going skiing just wasn’t an option so I relied on BIBA to find someone prepared to take on the risk. I’m generally healthy and an experienced skier so thankfully it worked out well and at a competitive price too.”

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