CoreLogic’s Mission Possible: Putting Collaboration at the Forefront of our 2023 Vision

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It is the beginning of a new year when anything feels possible.

People are committing to new goals to better themselves, and businesses are executing new strategies to realize greater success than ever.

This week, CoreLogic Protect has officially set forth our strategic plan for 2023 – and how it will impact professionals across the property insurance and restoration industries.

We have announced and are demonstrating our vision at INTRCONNECT – the company’s first in-person collaborative educational event in years for professionals across the property insurance and restoration industries. This event has provided the perfect opportunity for CoreLogic to reveal its 2023 outlook because it is the first time customers and industry have come together in person since CoreLogic acquired Next Gear Solutions.

CoreLogic is uniquely positioned to collectively provide an entire ecosystem for all members of the property industry – from insurance carriers to property restoration contractors.

For those of you who could not attend INTRCONNECT this year, here’s a look at CoreLogic’s vision for 2023 – and beyond:

After a globally tumultuous three years – beginning with the onset of COVID-19 – we have seen a strong and resilient property insurance industry in action – driven by professionals around the globe. Through affordable insurance products, efficient claims processes, and an entire supply chain of restorers working in the trenches to rebuild what was once lost, this industry has risen to the occasion. And, our mission is to support them at every level and dimension.

We will not simply act as a vendor; instead, we will focus on being a trustworthy, collaborative advisor to property professionals as we co-create a platform that delivers on the promise of protecting and restoring lives beyond buildings.

Even though we don’t physically work alongside claims professionals or contractors, we intend to be in constant collaboration with them. Through this communication – through these relationships – we will collect the intelligence necessary to innovate and provide technology that enables these professionals to better help their policyholders.

Communication and collaboration have inspired us to increase customer and industry conversations and to develop technologies that facilitate end-to-end communication between carriers and contractors. We understand that the insurance industry is more interconnected than ever, so we are focused on combining all of our leading-edge solutions – along with an entire ecosystem of Digital Hub Members – to provide carriers and the entire community of providers with everything they need to solve big challenges and drive better customer outcomes.

In 2023, we will drive innovation and create and bring solutions to the market that provide everyday value through our proprietary data assets, workflow technologies, and AI tools.

Professionals in all roles across the property industry will benefit from CoreLogic solutions driven by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These solutions will empower them to confidently, more efficiently, and more accurately deliver on every job – from an estimator creating a job estimate to a contractor rebuilding part of a home destroyed by a natural diaster.

Through open and secure transparency and by working together, we see no limit to the challenges we can solve and the obstacles we can overcome. CoreLogic’s future will focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and leading the industry in bringing solutions to the market that drive better customer outcomes and build brighter futures for everyone.

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