Global Best In Insurance 2022

Global Best In Insurance 2022

Here is a roundup of the award-winning organizations and professionals featured in our Special Reports

Throughout the year, our 30-strong Intelligence Unit researches a series of Special Reports, each showcasing the top-performing insurance professionals and companies across a number of important categories. Over the past 12 months, half a million surveys have been sent to our readers across Asia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. The culmination of all that reporting is our annual Global Best in Insurance digital edition.

The Global Best in Insurance recognises the insurance award winners from all of our special reports in 2022 which have already attracted 1.7 million online pageviews between them.

This important list provides a definitive annual collection of those who have delivered outstanding results, introduced new initia-tives, refined existing working practices and also acted as a source of inspiration to colleagues.

“We are so humbled to have won so many awards this year over various areas of the business, which shows the hard work and dedication the New Zealand and Shared services team in ANZ have contributed to in 2022,” DUAL New Zealand general manager Paula Harris says. 

Another winner, GT Insurance, agrees. “By placing a high focus on personal service attention to detail and encouraging a value of fairness in all our dealings GT Insurance has become a well-established brand in the general insurance market,” says Greg Walsh general manager corporate services/general counsel. “[An] award recognises the valued contribution of our team who work diligently with our customers to explore their needs and deliver truly tailored solutions.” 

Jodie Kaufman Davis, president of Burns & Wilcox Canada, also explains how important it is to be a winner: “We are honored to be recognized as a top-performing insurance business. At Burns & Wilcox, we understand the importance of investing in our people and our relationships, which both link to our team’s success and year-over-year business growth. We are committed to providing the best options to meet our clients’ needs especially with ever-changing market conditions.”

As a global publisher, our Intelligence Unit dedicates itself to carrying out detailed research, including harnessing our wide-ran-ging resources to canvass industry experts and knowledgeable sources to determine who is worthy of a place on the list. 

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This annual guide was curated and published by Insurance Business America, Insurance Business Australia, Insurance Business NZ, Insurance Business Canada, Insurance Business Asia and Insurance Business UK. 

We also thank all the following bodies for their help with our reports: 

African-Caribbean Insurance Network (ACIN)
American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA)
Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) 
Association of Professional Insurance  Women (APIW)
British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA)
Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
Ebony Women International Insurance Network (EWIIN)
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America

(The Big I)
Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC)
Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS)
Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN)
Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA)
Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA)
National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA)
Risk NZ
Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA)
The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF)
Toronto Insurance Council (TIC)
Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA)

Below is the Global Best. We hope you enjoy discovering all of those who we believe are shining brightest and who are shaping the future of insurance. 



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How we choose the best 

Each year, our research team sends out thousands of surveys to the insurance industry, that it then follows up with phone interviews to find out just who the industry thinks is worthy of recognition. Shortlisted finalists are then put in front of our judging panel to help make a final decision on who to include in the list of award winners.

1,686,345 Pageviews of the ‘Best In’ page

232 Surveys we sent out globally in 2022

189 Special reports we produced globally in 2022




Carpenters Group is a family business at heart, founded in 1994 by chairman John Carpenter with director Donna Scully joining three years later. Their values-led approach and culture of openness and inclusion have shaped the business to become what it is today.

The firm has grown significantly and now has over 1,000 employees spread across multiple locations in the UK, providing legal and insurance services to insurers, brokers and MGAs via a successful hybrid-working model. Carpenters Group has the scale and strength to work with any partner.

Since the beginning, the company has focused both on its people and clients. Carpenters Group’s programmes exist in different forms, but it recently invested in diversity and inclusion, along with bolstering its well-being and charity agenda.

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Donna Richards, CEO, says, “We are more than ever committed to listening to our people and clients so that they can help shape and drive forward our strategic objectives.”

Carpenters Group prides itself on delivering excellent customer service within an environ-ment that fosters innovation. This is evidenced by the firm’s ongoing technological investments, allowing it to continue maintaining its high standards and first-class service.“Whilst we believe in artificial intelligence, we believe the best outcome is where artificial and emotional intelligence combine. Our people make us what we are,” says Richards.

Over the course of 2022, Carpenters Group has continued to win new work using its technology to operate more efficiently, both for new clients and long-standing partners. To further improve its performance, the business has put over 100 managers through a formal management development and leadership programme which is already paying dividends in terms of results.

The firm continually revises its talent acquisition, resource and succession planning agenda to ensure the correct people are being located at the correct levels, to deliver what is required by clients. This is all with the goal of commercial longevity at the forefront.

Richards comments, “We have worked very hard to future-proof our business by being transparent about what our business and people objectives are, and what and who we need to be able to deliver them with success.”

Being featured in Key Media’s Global Best in Insurance 2022 is a mark of how well Carpenters Group is regarded and they acknowledge the recognition whilst reaffirming their ambition and vision.

“We’re very proud of all our people and our business, for what we have achieved to date but also looking forward to what we will achieve in the future,” says Richards. “We are ambitious and driven and we go into 2023 full of enthusiasm and innovation for making it a great year for us and our people. Always putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.”






FOUNDED IN 1976, the Association of Profes-sional Insurance Women (APIW) is the premier organization committed to the career advance-ment of women insurance professionals. As an inclusive national association, APIW aims to provide women insurance professionals with unparalleled opportunities for professional development and networking. 

APIW’s regular programs address the latest developments and issues affecting our industry, helping members prepare for leadership roles within their organizations by providing a broad, comprehensive view of the insurance business. Additionally, on an annual basis, APIW celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding woman in the insurance business through a variety of acknowledgments, including honoring annually the APIW Insurance Woman of the Year and providing scholarship aid to young women studying insurance. APIW encourages all members to actively participate in the organization, assume leadership roles and work on collaborative projects. Whether women insurance professionals are looking to expand their network of professional contacts, hone their leadership skills, or advance their career, APIW is here to help members achieve their goals. 

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APIW originated in New York and over the years has continually expanded its reach to a number of cities including Chicago, Atlanta, Hartford, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami and San Francisco (Bay Area). 




The Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA) was founded in 1969 as “The Voice for the Independent Insurance Agents”. The LAAIA works to ensure a healthy insurance environ-ment by providing continuing education, legislative advocacy representation, networking resources and community outreach as a plat-form for Latinx professionals. 

Additionally, the LAAIA serves as a medium for emerging insurance professionals to find mentors to guide their career paths. 

The LAAIA’s unique mix of incorporation insurance expertise, diversity and inclusion strategies and value-added events makes it the premier Latino-centric association of its kind. The LAAIA has chapters in Atlanta, Houston, Miami and Broward counties in South Florida. The consensus among independent agents is that, with the LAAIA’s support, independent agencies are able to form stronger relationships with vendors, provide educational opportunities to their agents, and receive assistance in managing day-to-day operations. 

The LAAIA’s expansion is vital to the growth of small independent agencies; growth fueled by the LAAIA’s leadership and guidance, as well as its ability to share smarter approaches to deliver better services. 



Deborah Fox, NFP

Deborah Fox


Ben Francavilla, AmWINS Program Underwriters

Ben Francavilla

AmWINS Program Underwriters

Edward Levy, Open Force

Edward Levy

Open Force

George Rusu, Captive Resources 

George Rusu

Captive Resources 

Christine LaSala, Beazley Group

Christine LaSala

Beazley Group

Jennifer Wilson, Hub International

Jennifer Wilson

Hub International

Danette Beck, USI Insurance Services

Danette Beck

USI Insurance Services

Angela Dybdahl Oroian, Society of Environmental Insurance Professionals (SEIP) 

Angela Dybdahl Oroian

Society of Environmental Insurance Professionals (SEIP) 

Margaret Redd, National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) 

Margaret Redd

National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA) 

Sandy Locke, Aon

Sandy Locke


Michael Keating, Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) 

Michael Keating

Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) 

Ian Simons, Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) 

Ian Simons

Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) 

Ajay Mistry, Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) 

Ajay Mistry

Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) 

Kishan Mangat, Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) 

Kishan Mangat

Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) 

Godwin Sosi, African-Caribbean Insurance Network (ACIN) 

Godwin Sosi

African-Caribbean Insurance Network (ACIN) 

Steve White, British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) 

Steve White

British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) 

Peter Braid, Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) 

Peter Braid

Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) 

Shirley Chisholm, Marsh

Shirley Chisholm


Nicole Sinclair, Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) 

Nicole Sinclair

Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS) 

Terry Dodsworth, Toronto Insurance Council (TIC)

Terry Dodsworth

Toronto Insurance Council (TIC)

Vinita Jajware-Beatty, Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA)

Vinita Jajware-Beatty

Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA)

Barbara C. Bufkin, Amwins Access Insurance Services 

Barbara C. Bufkin

Amwins Access Insurance Services 

Deborah Fox, NFP Property & Casualty Services

Deborah Fox

NFP Property & Casualty Services 

Janet Jordan-Foster, Axis Insurance and National African American Insurance Association

Janet Jordan-Foster

Axis Insurance and National African American Insurance Association

Michelle Lopilato, Converge

Michelle Lopilato


Catherine Mulligan, Reinsurance Solutions

Catherine Mulligan

Reinsurance Solutions