GreenShield launches its first national campaign

GreenShield launches its first national campaign

GreenShield launches its first national campaign | Insurance Business Canada

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GreenShield launches its first national campaign

It targets a major pain point among healthcare consumers

Life & Health

Abigail Adriatico

Benefits provider GreenShield has launched its first national campaign, highlighting the long wait times Canadians experience while accessing healthcare.

Called the Reverse Waiting Room, the national campaign aims to showcase the company’s ability to help customers access healthcare and benefits services with ease.

A GreenShield survey revealed that Canadians spend 2.5 times longer on average waiting in line for the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, and filling up benefit or medical history forms, than in their doctor’s appointments.

Canadians also spend 60% more time on post-appointment tasks such as filling prescriptions, making follow-up appointments, and submitting insurance forms, than with their doctor.

“Our new national campaign is about empowering Canadians with a health and benefits experience built around them,” said Mandy Mail, senior vice president, marketing and communications, GreenShield.

“The Reverse Waiting Room flips the universal truth with GreenShield’s new way forward, which has coverage and care, all in one place, built around you.”

The campaign will have commercials air across Canada in both English and French on TV, Youtube, and other social media platforms.

It comes after GreenShield launched its digital healthcare and benefits platform called GreenShield+ earlier this year.

The app allows users to check their coverage, access their benefits, connect with healthcare providers, and get claims reimbursements.

“The Reverse Waiting Room is analogous to the GreenShield+ experience – timely access to quality care with seamless benefits integration, enabling you to spend more time on health and well-being versus navigating a complex system,” said Mail.

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“We know Canadians want to take control of their health but face challenges navigating the disparate parts of the health and benefits system. Canadians are looking for access, convenience, better integration, and improved health outcomes,” said Zahid Salman, president and CEO, GreenShield.

“As Canada’s first payer-provider and only national not-for-profit health and benefits company, GreenShield has paved a better way forward by integrating coverage and care, all in one place—delivering a personalized, engaging, and simplified experience.”

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