HDI Global unveils custom GPT solution to improve process efficiency

HDI Global unveils custom GPT solution to improve process efficiency

HDI Global unveils custom GPT solution to improve process efficiency | Insurance Business New Zealand


HDI Global unveils custom GPT solution to improve process efficiency

This instrument facilitates the extraction of immediate insights from unstructured data


Kenneth Araullo

HDI Global has announced an advancement in its technological capabilities by implementing a proprietary generative artificial intelligence solution, HDI-GPT.

This tool will enable the company to extract real-time insights from unstructured data in text or image form, enhancing support for HDI Global staff. The implementation of this AI solution aligns with the company’s transformation strategy to fully harness and sustainably realise the potential of this technology.

HDI-GPT is designed to assist internal users at HDI Global in various functions, from interpreting legal contract terms to summarising extensive content and assessing insurance claims in real time. The company is also continuously exploring additional applications of this tool as part of its ongoing strategy.

Moreover, HDI Global noted that it is placing significant emphasis on training its staff to proficiently use this tool, thereby maintaining a human element in its processes, even in areas where generative AI is employed.

Given the rapid advancements in AI technology and the significance of the human element in handling HDI-GPT, the firm also announced its commitment to the long-term ongoing training of its internal users. The training is in line with the latest technological developments and current data protection standards.

As a self-proclaimed “partner in transformation” for its clients, HDI Global said that it aims to drive the digital revolution within its organisation, providing optimal services to customers through employees equipped with top-tier technical training.

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Willi Weber, head of data analytics at HDI Global, emphasised the careful and deliberate approach the company has taken in exploring generative AI’s potential.

“This much is already certain: the potential is enormous, but the technology calls for sustainable exploration in the interest of users – and not least of our customers. Despite all the focus on acceleration and process optimisation, it goes without saying that for us the overriding concern is always the protection of data and business secrets,” Weber said.

Dr Thomas Kuhnt, chief operating officer at HDI Global SE, also highlighted the role of HDI-GPT in transforming core insurance processes and optimising workflows.

“What is fundamental for us is that this is about augmentation, not automation. The ‘human in the loop’ is indispensable for the responsible use of generative AI and our ambition to offer customers tailored solutions. Going forward, the goal is to use the technology as a co-pilot in areas where it proves expedient for enhancing and accelerating data-driven processes and enables the more efficient management of our business. We are at the dawn of an exciting development that brings new advances almost daily and which we are helping to strategically shape for the benefit of our stakeholders,” Kuhnt said.

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