How Megan Duckworth became “the best of the best” in 2023

How Megan Duckworth became “the best of the best” in 2023

Duckworth has over 15 years of industry experience, working across various positions in claims, underwriting, e-business solutions, distribution, and broking. However, being the co-founder of a start-up company pushed her to work on tasks that she “would never have had in [her] previous roles.”

“This role has now rounded out a very unique skill set that I’m very proud of,” she told Insurance Business.

What contributed to Duckworth’s development as an insurance leader?

A great cornerstone to Duckworth’s development has been the support of her peers, managers, and family, particularly “working with amazing leaders who have given their support and time in developing [her] pathway.”

“Observing aspects of their styles has helped me craft a distinctive skill set to be a well-rounded and versatile employee, colleague, and leader,” Duckworth said.

The roles, projects, and experiences have ultimately enabled her to grow outside of her comfort zone and achieve what she has to date. Having worked in both the underwriter and broker spaces also gave her great insight into factors needed to enhance customer experience.

As a leader within the Australian insurance industry, Duckworth aspires to be a role model to other people within and outside the industry to make insurance a profession of choice.

“I encourage the ‘what’ and ‘why’ in my communication and leadership style and never get too consumed in the ‘how,’” Duckworth said. “I create a collaborative environment for my team to produce the ‘how’ by empowerment and not dictating the outcome.”

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