Johansmeyer’s index expertise gives Inver Re an ILW edge: Bonard, Ardonagh Bermuda

Tom Johansmeyer, Inver Re, Global Head of Index

In the wake of Tom Johansmeyer, the former Head of Verisk unit PCS, joining the Ardonagh Group reinsurance broking division Inver Re in Bermuda, the company has now launched an integrated global index practice and sees an advantage in leveraging his experience in ILW’s.

We were first to report Johansmeyer joining Inver Re back in May this year.

Now firmly in the role, Inver Re is announcing that Johansmeyer has taken the reins of global indexing at the reinsurance broker, and that an integrated global index practice has been launched.

Johansmeyer will work alongside Kevin Stratton, Inver Re Bermuda CEO, Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Parametrics based in London, and Chris Bonard, CEO of Ardonagh Specialty Holdings Bermuda, to collaborate across Inver Re’s capabilities to deliver on products such as industry-loss warranties (ILW’s), parametric risk transfer structures, analytics and risk modelling.

Chris Bonard explained, “Global indices, like capital markets and other verticals, rounds out Inver Re’s offerings as a full-service broker – and Tom at the helm means we’ve got the best of the best driving our delivery and growth. He literally invented many of the PCS indices still in use, and his in-depth knowledge of how loss reporting agencies work gives Inver Re a significant advantage for delivering the tightest ILW wordings to clients.

“Bringing together different practices to drive innovative client solutions is at the heart of Inver Re. The walls between categories of reinsurance, such as capital markets, loss index catastrophe bonds and parametric cover are breaking down. Our global index business will tightly interlock with our adjacent practices to bring each client an integrated program.”

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Johansmeyer added, “I’m excited to be part of Inver Re, and to build out something really special. The industry loss index business has become large, intricate, and vibrant over the past five years, due to the dual developments of increased worldwide loss activity, and the proliferation of loss indices during that period. The next era of development requires the combination of specialty market knowledge and ILW capabilities that Inver Re is uniquely equipped to deliver.

“From demonstrably world class weather modelling to robust and growing analytical capabilities, Inver Re’s knowledge, experience and research is already translating into actionable intelligence. Our integrated practice will further clients’ understanding of how to use risk transfer capital more efficiently while respecting risk appetite, profile and tolerance.”

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