Many BC motorists are "unprepared and nervous" about winter driving – report

Many BC motorists are "unprepared and nervous" about winter driving – report

“Everyone knows that driving in winter can be tricky and potentially dangerous, yet every year we continue to see too many people who don’t plan properly and then get into trouble,” said BCAA automotive manager Josh Smythe. “While you can never eliminate all the challenges that winter presents, there are still several simple things that can help to make your driving experience safer.”

Considering the survey’s results, Smythe urged drivers to get their vehicles checked and have their winter tiles installed. He added that drivers should keep a shovel, windshield scraper and brush, a blanket and some non-perishable food and water inside their vehicles in case of an emergency.

The BCAA survey also found that 26% of drivers have experienced an incident caused by poor winter driving conditions, such as snow, ice, heavy rain, and darkness.

“A lot of people drive in unsafe conditions, which obviously increases their chances of having an accident or getting stuck and needing to be rescued,” said Smythe.

Last week, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) said the number of auto insurance claims nearly doubled due to the recent snowfall on the South Coast region of the province. As of November 29, claims increased 94% to 3,567 from 1,837 in the week prior.

“With the possibility of more snow in the coming days and weeks ahead, ICBC is asking drivers to slow down and adjust their driving to winter conditions, and ensure their vehicle is prepared,” said the insurer in its previous release.