Navigating success: communication strategies of Australia’s top insurance brokers

Navigating success: communication strategies of Australia's top insurance brokers

Navigating success: communication strategies of Australia’s top insurance brokers | Insurance Business Australia

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Navigating success: communication strategies of Australia’s top insurance brokers

Featured leaders were named Insurance Business Australia’s Top Insurance Brokers for 2023

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Roxanne Libatique

In 2023, effective communication emerged as a pivotal skill for the Insurance Business Australia Top Insurance Brokers awards.

IB’s Top Insurance Brokers for 2023 were recognised for delivering for their clients. They were ranked across a series of criteria:

providing personalised service
understanding coverage needs
ensuring the best value for money
being proactive

Consistent communication with clients

Kellie D’arcy, director of Australian Elite Insurance Brokers and one of IB’s Top Insurance Brokers for 2023, attributed her success to the emphasis on communication, noting that maintaining regular updates with clients significantly contributes to high retention rates.

“The only time I ever lose a client is if they’ve sold the business or they’re retired. Communication with the client is paramount, and if you continue to keep them updated so they know where they’re at, they’ll be with you for life,” she told IB in an interview.

 D’arcy’s proficiency is substantiated by her garnering 70% of new clients through word-of-mouth referrals and receiving the Excellence Award for Best Customer Service from an Individual Office in the Insurance Business Awards 2020.

Interpersonal skills

Nichole Frame, director of NLT Insurance Brokers and another IB Top Insurance Broker for 2023, emphasised the importance of effective communication, using interpersonal skills to establish rapport and facilitate open channels with clients.

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“Having a chat with someone and making a joke or talking about current affairs or the latest popular TV show is a good icebreaker, and all of a sudden, it opens up the pathways that people are going to share more when you do start probing with the insurance questions,” she told IB. “Otherwise, insurance can feel quite a heavy topic because it’s so focused on loss and risk and what happens in the event that something goes wrong.”

Quick response

Addressing the urgency often associated with client calls in the insurance sector, Zoe Evans, principal broker at Gallagher and another 2023 winner, emphasised prompt and efficient responses.

“When a client contacts you about insurance, they’ve made the decision to talk about their insurance. They don’t want to wait three days for a phone call back; for them, it’s their whole business and livelihood, so it’s important to me too. Doing the simple things well is what makes the big difference,” she said.

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