SGI introduces new road safety campaign

SGI introduces new road safety campaign

A new ad campaign has been launched by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), which aims to promote road safety while addressing the issue of impaired driving in the province.

The new campaign, “Let’s get you home safe,” is an ad campaign which aims to encourage drivers to have a backup plan should they ever be impaired. Debuting earlier this week, a 60-second video has been produced for the campaign, which will be seen on TV, online, and in local movie theatres. “Let’s get you home safe” will also be featured on billboards, radio, and newspaper advertising.

“We hope this new campaign resonates with people,” said SGI president Penny McCune. “It makes the point that every good choice you make matters. If you are impaired – even if you didn’t make a plan beforehand – please find a safe ride. You can call a family member or a friend. Anyone who cares about you would much rather be woken by you calling them for a lift than finding out you were hurt – or worse – in an impaired driving collision.”

“Let’s get you home safe” is the latest instalment of SGI’s “Stick With Safety” series, following its previous other campaigns, “Take Care Out there” and “Just Drive.”

The campaign also coincides with SGI’s November Traffic Safety Spotlight on impaired driving.

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Last month, SGI revealed that provincial police have issued 4,887 tickets for various speeding offences in September. The insurer had shared the information as part of its previous Traffic Safety Spotlight on speeding.