SGI partners with MADD Canada

SGI partners with MADD Canada

As provincial sponsors, SGI and SLGA are directly funding the delivery of 30 and 60 presentations, respectively.

 “While Saskatchewan has made significant progress over the past decade, impaired driving is still the leading cause of collision fatalities on our roads, and the largest proportion of impaired drivers are those aged 19 to 24,” said Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan. “SGI is pleased to continue supporting MADD in their efforts to teach an important lesson about how making safe-driving decisions can save lives.”

“It’s important that young people make responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol and cannabis use, and that they understand the horrific consequences that often come when someone gets behind the wheel impaired,” added Minister responsible for SLGA Lori Carr. “SLGA is proud to continue our partnership with MADD so that students across the province receive this important message.”

Each year, MADD Canada creates a new school program with the purpose of educating students in grades 7-12 about the hazards of driving while impaired, and inspiring them to avoid endangering themselves or others by driving or riding with an impaired driver.

“Young people are at increased risk for impaired driving,” said MADD Canada national president Jaymie-Lyne Hancock. “Our school program shows students the tragic outcomes that can happen when someone drives after alcohol, cannabis or other drug use, and equips them with the information and motivation to make safe choices to protect themselves and their peers.”

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