Special Ep Andrew Bart, CEO International Operations Crawford & Company: The Future of Loss Adjusting

Special Ep Andrew Bart, CEO International Operations Crawford & Company: The Future of Loss Adjusting

One of life’s great paradoxes is that when something is so core to everything that you do that you can’t imagine being able to do your job without it, that’s often when take it a little for granted.

And I think that’s what the insurance industry is guilty of when we think of loss adjusters and other trusted third party claims professionals.

That’s why I’m delighted I was able to have such an in-depth and probing conversation with Andrew Bart CEO of International Operations at Crawford and Company.

It’s clear after our meeting that while many in the sector will regard Crawford’s services as a given and a constant, Crawford itself does anything but.

This may be a market-leading business with a very strong position globally, but it is constantly challenging, reinventing and disrupting itself as the world develops.

For instance, how does an adjuster scale up and scale down flexibly in the face of ever more frequent, severe and global loss events? And what about when these events occur simultaneously at different points in the world?

How does an adjuster rise to the challenge of new developments like parametric insurance, the huge increase in intangible assets and social phenomena like the gig economy?

And how about resurgent inflation and the mega-trend of ESG and the transition to net zero which is going to change fundamentally how insurers and their customers deal with all claims in the future?

Well, the answers are all here. And they involve a huge amount of technology and data and an enormous amount of collaboration as well as a subtle shift in focus from hindsight and learning historical lessons to foresight, prediction, prevention and prescriptive actions.

You may not have thought of all these things, but I can assure that Andrew has very deeply.

The result is a fascinating podcast that will give you a clear idea of what the third part claims professionals of the future are going to look like.

And I think that after this you won’t take loss adjusters for granted ever again.