The 6 best sports massage oils for your business

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Let’s be
honest—as sports professionals, we don’t half put our bodies through hell at
times. But we love what we do, and rightly so.

That said,
there are times when all we (and our clients) need is some R&R—and there
aren’t many better ways to recover after a gruelling workout than with a sports

Even before a workout, a sports massage can help our muscles prepare. So, if you run a PT business, offering sports massage treatment can prove highly beneficial to you and your clients.


What is a sports massage?

A sports
massage is a form of massage treatment used to relieve tension in the muscles
and tissue for someone with a rigorous exercise regime.

Sports massages often focus on specific areas of the body that need additional relief, such as the arms or legs. That’s why personal trainers also often have sports massage qualifications as a way of providing a more holistic service to clients.


Sports massage benefits

It’s not
just fitness pros who can benefit from a sports massage, however. They come
with many benefits for all, not necessarily just those who have a PT or partake
in regular physical activity.

benefits of a sports massage include the following:

blood flow to the musclesthe
removal of toxins from the body and musclesthe
prevention of scar tissuepain

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The best sports massage oils for your business

If you’re a
PT looking to expand into sports massage therapy, you need to know what you’re
doing before you can officially add sports massaging to your list of services.

Sound like you? Here are six of the best sports massage oils for your business to get you started.


sports massage oils

Arnica oil is
used to treat various ailments, such as bruising, sprains, muscular aches, and
joint pain—so it is one of the best sports massage oils you can use.

The Arnica plant (also known as Mountain Arnica) is a yellow flower often seen across the alpine meadows and mountains of mainland Europe in the summer. Its soothing, anti-inflammatory effects have been used worldwide for centuries.

This particular Arnica Oil from Zen Maitri is infused into an almond carrier oil and heated gently under a vacuum. Arnica oil stimulates peripheral blood circulation, which makes it perfect for sports massages. It can also help soothe the symptoms of varicose veins.

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sports massage oils

Made with a
unique, 100% natural formula with no parabens, preservatives or artificial
fragrances, 5Kind’s Sports Massage Oil is another important ingredient for your

It contains
essential oils that help warm the muscles, release toxins, and aid blood flow. But
that’s not all, the natural ingredients fully nourish the muscles and release
physical tension and knots in the body—ideal for athletes or anyone with
overworked muscles.

5Kind uses lavender
and peppermint essential oils to aid relaxation and stress relief in its
products, which can be used both pre and post-training.

The brand is also vegan and entirely cruelty-free.


sports massage oils

It’s a well-known fact that your muscles work better
when they’re warm, and this organic body oil from Quinessence Aromatherapy is
the perfect choice for a workout warm-up.

A pre-workout massage has several psychological
benefits, such as relieving stress and increasing focus on the task at hand.

This Quinessence oil contains ginger, eucalyptus,
black pepper and spearmint, causing blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood
circulation to provide deep warmth within the muscles.

Increased blood flow means more oxygen to the muscles,
which makes performance in the gym not only better but faster too. The warmer
and looser the muscles before exercise, the less likely a muscular injury, such
as a tear or strain, becomes.

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Spa’s ‘Work It Out’ oil is a blend of 21 Mediterranean essential oils,
including juniper, clove, cypress and thyme—all of which are known to soothe
muscles and aid detoxification.

This oil
blend works wonders for tight muscles and sore joints while also giving the relaxed
body that full-on ‘recharge’ feeling. It’s no wonder so many trainers and
massage therapists use it.

There’s also a base of natural oils among the mix: sesame, avocado, jojoba, kukui, grapeseed, soya bean and grapefruit. It’s safe to say it’s absolutely packed full of goodness—you really can’t go wrong.


sports massage oils

This Muscle
Magic Massage Oil is quite literally what it says on the tin (or bottle)—magic
for the muscles.

A soothing
blend of olive, castor and comfrey oil infused with rosemary, thyme, yarrow,
lavender and chamomile essential oils, this product can be used directly as a
sports massage oil or added to bathwater to aid muscle relaxation and relieve

The MCC Muscle Magic can also ease the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and cramping. Outside the gym, it’s a good one to keep by your bedside, too.


sports massage oil is beautifully relaxing while perfect for muscle stimulation
and blood flow at the same time.

combination of grapeseed, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and rosemary essential
oils enhance its therapeutic qualities and reduce any aches and pains lingering
from exercise.

essential oil, in particular, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties,
too, making this product a great choice for sprains as well as tendon and
ligament niggles.

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Being able
to offer sports massage services as part of your personal training business is
a great selling point, but you may want to check you’re insured to do so before
you start signing up clients for a session.

With Insure4Sport, specialist personal trainer insurance is designed to cover you in the event of all kinds of scenarios you may find yourself in as a personal trainer or massage therapist. Public Liability cover, in particular, protects you if you’re responsible for a client injuring themselves during one of your sessions.

Click here to learn more about specialist personal trainer insurance with Insure4Sport and get an online quote today.



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