Easter in Europe – Where to Go & What To Try in 2023!

Bologna Italy Travel Image

Discover where to go, what to do and why this Easter. From celebrating Easter the traditional way to going all out at one of Europe’s biggest chocolate festivals, check out what we’ve got for you.

 Bologna, Italy

Image by orpanahannaelina CC0

The weather is good at this time of year, and the country is well known for having a rich Christian heritage. There are many traditions that are still in place in Italy to celebrate Easter, Bologna historic centre is one such place. Over the Easter weekend the streets are busy with locals who have gathered to celebrate. Make sure you try Colomba, a traditional Easter bread in the shape of a dove before hading to San Petronio’s Terrace on top of the Cathedral for stunning views of the city, surrounding countryside and the leaning towers of the Bologna skyline.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Austria Image

Image by Ivan Dražić CC0

As well as being the place to go for Christmas Markets, Vienna is the place to head at Easter too. Once again, you’ll find the town alive with markets, parades, plays, and intriguing artworks and all of the delicious seasonal foods that go with this time of year! Celebrations start around 10 days before Easter Sunday. Grab yourself a freshly baked osterpinzen, a type of sweet bread roll, a bar of Zotter chocolate and hit one of the Vienna city walking trails to take in the sights of this spectacular city.

Seville, Spain

Seville Travel Image

Image by Raw2Jpeg CC0

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Semana Santa, or Holy Week is held in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. All through Spain, and Seville in particular, towns are dressed to impress and the locals get dressed up for the celebrations too. Before you pack party clothes, note that this is a very serious and sober celebration and one that should be attended with respect as thousands of residents don traditional clothing and take part in numerous processions around the town. To get the best seat, book a place to stay that has great views of the streets from above and pour yourself a Limonada de Leon – a traditional Holy Week cocktail made of red wine, citrus fruit, sugar and spices.

Eurochocolate Festival, Perugia, Italy

Perugia Travel Image

Image by francesco_centamori CC0

This one goes out to those who love Easter for all of its cocoa goodness! In the weeks leading up to Easter Perugia goes bonkers for its springtime chocolate festival, Eurochocolate. There are chocolate themed trails, games, and activities around the city, an indoor chocolate festival and special choco labs where you can meet master chocolatiers and join workshops to indulge in your own creations. The city itself is also pretty spectacular and well worth a visit for its renaissance frescoes, beautiful basilicas, and ancient artefacts in art galleries and museums!

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