10 of the best motorcycle airbag safety systems

airbag safety

Motorcycling is an exhilarating mode of transport but it comes with inherent risks and, quite rightly, there are now a host of motorcycle airbag safety systems on the market.

Motorcycle airbag safety devices offer an extra layer of protection, reducing the severity of injuries caused by accidents. Read this blog for tips on how to regain your confidence after a motorcycle accident. 

Here we review 10 of the best motorcycle airbag devices available.

airbag safety

1. Alpinestars Tech-Air 5

The Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 is a sophisticated and versatile airbag system that offers full upper body protection. It can be worn underneath any compatible Alpinestars riding jacket, making it a versatile option for riders.

This system uses a high-precision algorithm to detect critical situations and deploy the airbag in just 25 milliseconds, providing the rider with ample protection in the event of a crash. The Tech-Air 5 offers a comprehensive protective cocoon around the rider’s shoulders, chest, and back.

2. Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket

Dainese is another renowned name in motorcycle safety, and their D-Air Smart Jacket is a testament to their commitment to rider protection. The D-Air Smart Jacket is a standalone wearable airbag system, which means it can be worn over any riding gear.

It uses sophisticated sensors to detect accidents and deploy the airbag in just 30 milliseconds. This jacket offers full upper body protection, with airbags covering the back, shoulders, and chest, making it an excellent choice for riders who want versatility and safety.

3. Helite e-Turtle Airbag Vest

The Helite e-Turtle Airbag Vest is a versatile and cost-effective airbag system that can be worn over any motorcycle jacket. It features a universal tether system that can be connected to your bike, ensuring rapid deployment in case of an accident. The e-Turtle airbag vest provides protection to your neck, spine, and chest. It’s not just for motorcyclists either; it’s suitable for other adventure sports like horseback riding, making it a multipurpose safety device.

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airbag safety

4. Bering C-Protect Airbag Vest

Bering’s C-Protect Airbag Vest is another versatile option that can be worn over any motorcycle jacket. This lightweight and easy-to-wear vest offers excellent protection for your spine, shoulders, and chest. The C-Protect system uses a tether mechanism, which deploys the airbag when it detects a sudden impact or pull. It’s a reliable, affordable choice for riders looking to enhance their safety without breaking the bank.

5. Hit-Air MLV-C

The Hit-Air MLV-C is a smart and adaptive airbag vest that can be worn over your riding gear. It features a unique design with a lanyard attached to your bike, and the vest itself is tethered to the lanyard. In case of a sudden separation from the motorcycle, the lanyard pulls and triggers the airbag’s deployment. The MLV-C offers protection to your neck, spine, and chest, and it’s a reliable choice for riders who want an additional layer of safety.

6. Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest

The Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest is designed with a focus on versatility and durability. It can be worn over any riding jacket, making it a great choice for riders who prefer not to be limited by their gear. The vest features a rechargeable and easily replaceable CO2 cartridge, ensuring minimal downtime after deployment. The Klim Ai-1 provides upper body protection, and is known for its comfort and ease of use.

airbag safety

7. RST GT Airbag Jacket

RST is a well-known name in the motorcycle gear industry, and their GT Airbag Jacket is a high-quality option for riders. This jacket features a built-in airbag system that offers comprehensive upper body protection. The GT Airbag Jacket is comfortable, well-ventilated, and stylish, making it a practical choice for riders looking for an all-in-one solution.

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8. In&Motion Airbag Vests

In&Motion works with a number of brands, including RST and Klim, to integrate In&Motion technology with their offerings. This advanced technology continually adapts to the rider’s movements and provides optimal protection. It connects to a smartphone app, allowing riders to customise their protection levels and monitor the system’s status.

9. Rukka Airman

The Rukka Airman is a top-tier airbag jacket for riders who demand the best in terms of protection and comfort. It features a standalone airbag system integrated into a high-quality riding jacket. The Airman offers protection for the back, shoulders, and elbows, and it’s built to last. Rukka is known for its quality, and this jacket is no exception, providing riders with a premium option for their safety.

10. Held eVest Clip-In Airbag

Held’s eVest Clip-In Airbag is a versatile option designed to be worn with compatible Held riding jackets. It offers comprehensive upper body protection, and its clip-in design ensures easy and secure integration with the jacket. The eVest features a rechargeable CO2 cartridge, providing riders with a reliable safety device that’s comfortable and easy to use.

airbag safety

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