Can I change my username on Tradesman Saver’s platform?

Can I change my username on Tradesman Saver’s platform?

If you want to update the username for accessing your Tradesman Saver online account, our support team is happy to assist with this change. For security reasons, customers are unable to change their username directly within the online portal. However, the process is straightforward when facilitated through our advisers.

How to Change Your Tradesman Saver Username

To change the username on your Tradesman Saver online account, please contact us via phone or email.

Our public liability insurance team will verify your identity for security purposes. We’ll then update your username in our system so you can begin using your new login details immediately.

For your protection, we do not permit self-service username changes from within the customer account portal. This strict security approach helps prevent unauthorised account access.

Reasons to Change Your Username

There are a few common reasons you may want to update your Tradesman Saver username:

Your name has changed after marriage/divorce.Your current username contains an embarrassing typo.You want your username to better reflect your business name.Your old username contains obsolete information.You feel your username compromises security.

Regardless of your reason, our advisers make it quick and easy to get a new username that better suits your needs.

Enjoy Secure Simple Login

Choosing a USERNAME provides faster, simpler login compared to needing to input your full email. By updating your username, you can customise your account access to be as convenient as possible while maintaining stringent security.

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Contact the Tradesman Saver team today if you need any assistance changing your online account username.