45+ days to get enrolled into MediCal – So do my kids stay without insurance?

Hi all. For the first time ever, we are losing health coverage paid by an employer at end of this month. If we want to continue through Cobra it's $2500+ a month!!!

Went through CoveredCA. Wife and I are eligible through them but with just $2/mo subsidy. Kids are eligible through Medical. This was 2 days ago. I called the county and they said they having received a referral yet and that's it's taking a minimum of 45 days to process applications.

Do I need to buy private insurance for my kids? CoveredCA doesn't even allow to add them. If that's the case, I would probably shop for a family plan outside of CoveredCA. It seems I can get something for the family in the $1500-$1800 range.

Or do I assume it will eventually be approved, and in the meantime, if they go to appointments pay out of pocket and ask for reimbursement later, and if receiving mailed bills, just don't pay them until they are approved?

This is all new to us and we are very confused.

Thank you

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