12 Ways to Be Popular in Wealthy Circles

12 Ways to Be Popular in Wealthy Circles

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Sometimes even the most optimistic advisor can have an inferiority complex. They have joined the right organizations and started to rub shoulders with wealthy people in their local community. Sometimes there is an age difference. Often there is a wealth gap. They might feel like an interloper, someone who does not fit in.

You are wrong. You do fit in. Wealthy people do want to know you. You bring a lot to the table. Everyone needs something. You might think wealthy people have it all. They have interests and hobbies. These might not be shared with their peers. They might simply need someone interested in what they want to talk about.

Consider the Bigger Picture

Is youth a disadvantage? Suppose the wealthy person across from you is old enough to be your parent (or grandparent). You might see yourself as a “kid” not to be taken seriously.

In reality, they might not be thrilled with their own children. Their kids feel they are entitled and expect an easy life. You are dressed well and motivated to succeed. They might wish their own children were more like you.

You also represent the next generation. Many people get rich by anticipating “the next big thing.” Apple and Facebook are two companies that saw a need in the market and stepped in to fill it. These wealthy business owners around you might be much older, but they need to understand how to sell to you and your peers.

They want to learn how you gather data and make decisions to buy in your role as a consumer. They want to know what you think about existing brands. They want to know how to get your peers’ attention.

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What Makes You Interesting to Wealthy People?

You don’t need an Ivy League education or be living in an upscale neighborhood as a credential to get on their radar. Wealthy people are rarely scary. They have often grown up in the local community and share the same interests.

Here are 12 things you can do to show others you’re fun to be around. As word spreads, people should be seeking you out.

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