Advice with Florida blue myblue

m dying to get some information, some help. I'm new in Florida and in America. Broke my pinky on Thursday night. Took 8 hours wait to get checked out yesterday at urgent care. Got a referal to see an orthopedic specialist. But now I'm too scared to actually go see the specialist. Some are telling me that the referal from the urgent care is enough for my insurance to cover the treatment at the specialist, others, like the receptionist at the specialist are saying I need a referal from my primary care provider. I've never met or seen my pcp. I've not been on health insurance long. I can't get in touch with my pcp till Monday and who knows when I'll actually be able to see em. Meanwhile I'm sitting here with a broken finger, in pain. It has a splint but the urgent care is highly recommending I get a cast as soon as possible. Anyone have any knowledge of this stuff or of this plan? Florida blue myblue 2337c. One document online (a faq about this plan) has a section that says "do you need a referal to see a specialist? Yes". That makes me feel the urgent care referal is enough since it doesn't specifically say pcp referal. So it is surely any referal? And the florida blue customer service lines arent available over weekends… America… What kind of a system is this… I need treatment but I'm scared of medical debt

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