I went in for a routine pap smear; now I have an $8,000 bill for random tests I didn’t consent to

It’s exactly what it sounds like. I moved cities last year, so I had to go to a new doctor for my pap smear. It was routine. I did have some swelling, which I later found out was a yeast infection.

Seeing as I have insurance and pap smears are preventative care, I assumed my bill would be around the same amount it has been for the last 12 years I’ve been getting pap smears (maybe $150, if that).

I was surprised when my bill was $8,000 from a random laboratory! I called my insurance. They explained that at least 7 tests were ordered the day of my pap smear that are deemed experimental and not medically necessary. The insurance person explained the tests to me; some are for AFTER a pap smear comes back abnormal. Some of them are tests done when a patient is diagnosed with cancer!

My pap smear came back normal two weeks later.

I immediately told my insurance that I’m not paying a dime for anything deemed experimental. I didn’t consent to these tests; I asked for a routine pap smear. My insurance tried to call the doctor while I was on the line, but her office didn’t pick up. The insurance said they’d call me back next week. The employee said she thought I shouldn’t have to pay for these charges, and that the insurance would try to help.

I’m wondering if I should get a lawyer.