This is kinda of a rant, but could definitely use a gut check: Vetting plans for 35F and 44M with no preexisting conditions.

Option A: My husband’s employer (read: union). These are last year’s numbers. Plan #1 – $1199 premium + $5200 deductible; $9900 MOOP Plan #2 – $2075 + $3125 deductible; $10,000 MOOP

Bonus Points: Open enrollment doesn’t start until 12/15 – the day the marketplace closes for 1/1 effective. We have no real figures for 2023 yet.

Option B: Marketplace – Low Premium Example (no docs in network) – $701 Premium + $18,200 deductible; $18,200 MOOP Low Premium (docs in network) – $900 Premium + $18,200 deductible; $18,200 Low Deductible Example – $1192 Premium; $10,000 MOOP

We live in the “donut hole” where hubs makes just barely too much for the 9.16% subsidy exception, but all those premiums still look unmanageable.

We were in this position last year, and ended up doing Sidecar. So far, this option has worked well for us, but…I gotta have surgery early in the year, planning potential baby late in the year. Trying to figure out whether to take our chances paying 4 figures per month in premiums (plus cost sharing), or just up my Sidecar coverage and say a prayer.